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What are thoughts? What are those ideas that ‘pop’ into our heads? I believe these thoughts are the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe He is talking to us in the form of thoughts and ideas. We always are … Continue reading

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CEBWelcome to Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral in the Philippines. You may now enter your good deeds.  Add a Comment
QOPPraying for all those countless people carrying burdens in need of prayers.  Add a Comment
LOSplease pray for the peace of mind and well-being of myself and my family  Add a Comment
JBOWelcome St. John Bosco in Sugarloaf PA. You can now enter prayers and good deeds.  Add a Comment
QOPLet us remember those who suffer with depression and mental illness by including them in our daily prayers.  Add a Comment
CSJFor an end to capital punishment.  1 Comment
ROPFor an end to capital punishment.  Add a Comment
QOPGod sent us His son to die for us. Let us rejoice and be thankful. Easter Blessings!  Add a Comment
COLLet's pray for people who suffer in the world with emotional or physical problems.Pray for they can feel God's love.   Add a Comment
QOPGod Bless Pope Francis and God Bless us all!  1 Comment
QOPOffered assistance to a person on the subway  2 Comments
HROPlease pray for the success of thepenitentpress.com, a Catholic literary magazine.  1 Comment
QOPLGLYN - Love God Love Your Neighbor  2 Comments
QOPPrayers for our Pope Emiritus and for the new Pope to come.  1 Comment
QOPPlease pray for my mommy angel to enter heaven and be in peace, and to let me know she got there OK.  1 Comment
QOPLowered the rent in my rental house so that a Christian couple could afford it.  2 Comments
QOPPlease pray for those who's lives were turned upside down at Sandy Hook.May God be with them all!  2 Comments
PHIThank you lord for helping me be true to my values, for carrying me in times of stress and for loving me always  1 Comment
PHIMay all those in need find comfort from the Lord as we experience the Christmas season   Add a Comment
HROI'd like to ask everyone to pray for the intentions of our Holy Father...  2 Comments
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What is Are You Catholic?

An easy way for Catholics to publicly and anonymously share what it means to be Catholic.

An active Catholic Church offers its parishioners the ability to share with the public the random acts of charity they perform in the community as well as special prayer intentions.

All acts are traced back to the church and offer excellent and positive visibility to the Catholic Church and also helps spread the message of Catholicism.

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